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Eastan Pet dedicated in research and develop high end pet snacks We are certified by SGS and gain HACCP ISO22000 FSSC2200 BRC certification as well The workshop was designed according to 300 000 grade purification The core area was designed according to 100 000 cleaning requirement Our main products include freeze dry air dry dental and wet food All product specifications are up to ISO22000 HACCP BRC standards Main markets are EU and Asian countries Given the strong support of technical and sales network by our corporation not only we export pour products we also focus on pet products research partnering with oversea pet food manufacturers and research organizations to develope Chinese...

Categories and Products

Freeze-dried Pet Food

FD cat treats codfish cube freeze dry tuna pet food for cat Wholesale Freeze Dried Chicken For Cats And Dogs Pure Bites Natural Freeze Dried Dog Treats Freeze-dried Chicken&Liver Dog treats Grain-Free Freeze-Dried Dog Food Chicken hearts Primal freeze-dry lamb cube for dog and cat Best sellers freeze-dried pork bite dog treats Small Diced Beef&Liver- Freeze Dried dog snacks Freeze Dried Mix Fruit Vegetables Dog Food Perfect dog treats freeze-dry goat lung Pure lamb bite dog treats dry food Meaty beef bite freeze-dry best delicious freeze-dry chicken hearts for dogs Best nutritious freeze-dry rabbit bites for dog Best freeze-dry food for dog and cat Best treats FD for dog and cat Perfect freeze-dry treats for dog and cat FD salmon cube for dog and cat health Lower price chicken meat for dog cat 

Air-dry Pet Food

dog treats chicken dumbbells pet snacks Salmon sushi delicious treats for your dogs Dog FD treats best selling for wholesale Best sale duck slice dog treats 2017 HOT SALE DRIED DUCK SLICE DOG TREATS Healthy tasty duck sushi yummy for dogs 2017 dog training treats with high quality Chicken and crab stick snacks dog treats Best selling rabbit ear with chicken dog food High protein duck treats for dogs Pure salmon strip best treats for your dogs Cat snake small bites fish for sale Best tasty dog food fish snacks DRIED CHICKEN JERKY CHICKEN WRAP RAWHIDE STICK 100%NATURAL DOG CHICKEN ROUND JERKY DOG TREATS Dry chicken breast jerky snacks for dog Soft Air-dry Chicken/Duck for Dog Air-Dried Chicken Wrap Sweet Potato/Duck Sandwich for Pets Air-Dried Nutritious Codfish Skin Snacks for Pets 

Dental Chews Pet Food

Pet dental care chew stick for dog Natural ingredients dental toothbrush for dogs Codfish flavor knotted dental bone for dogs Super dental care chews stick for dogs Alligater shape dental chewing for dogs Lobster shape dental for your dogs Knotted bone salmon flavor dog's Favorite Soft dental chewy for dogs Healthy digestible dog dental chews Cleaning Teeth dental dog chews pet food Professional cleaning dog dental chew Best-selling Natural Star Dental Chews for Dogs Hard Air Dried Chicken/Duck Dog Chews Natural Attrachment OEM/ODM Dentals for Pet Best-selling Transparent Flavor Knotted Bone for Dogs Chicken Rice Rawhide Stick for Dental Care Dog treats pet snack best service dental chews Top quality double knotted bone dog chews Tuna flavor dental dog chews training treats Sweet potato flavor chewing knotted bone dogs 

Wet Food For Pets

Kind flavor wet pet food cat Salmon meat cat wet food canned food Cats Snacks for Freshness Canned Food New Smoked Chicken Rawhide Stick for Pet Delicious Wet Pet Food for Dogs Grain Free Tuna Shrimp Wet Food Good Tasty Chicken with Duck Wet Dog Food OEM Pet Canned Food Beef Meat Pet Canned Food Salmon&Chicken Mousse Wet Food Fresh Salmon Shrimp Canned Food Tuna&Shrimp wet food for lovely pets Perfect cat food salmon shrimp wet food Duck meat cat canned wet food 

Pet Food

Dog Snacks

Chicken wrapped with calcium bone dog treats Fish skin twist dry pet food Freeze-dry chicken cube for dogs Best price eco-friendly freeze-dry duck dog snacks Chicken Wrapped Dental Knotted Bone Dog snacks Chicken white sesame dog dry food Pork,Beef,Lamb,Rabbit Jerky dog snacks Best sale chewy snacks for dog Soft all natural duck jerky for dogs High Protein duck jerky soft dog snacks chicken breast pet food dog snacks Organic natural chicken jerky dog snacks Best favorite Dog snacks duck breast Pet chicken jerky treat dry dog snacks Chicken Jerky Dog Food High Quality Dry dog food healthy pet snacks High Nutrition Meat Rawhide Stick Dog Snacks Super Lollipops Chicken/Duck/Cattle/Sheep Dogs Snack Soft & Freshness Pork Slice for Pet Best-selling Flavor Knotted Bone for Dogs 

Cat Snacks

sandwich cat treat natural dry pet food Healthy squid fish for lovely cats cat treats cat food chicken sushi for wholesale Natural premium steamed tuna,cat food Black sesame with chicken pet food for cat Carrot with chicken dry cat snacks Salmon wrap rawhide stick for dogs Salmon with pumpkin cube cat snacks 100%pure salmon strip for dogs Best healthy cat Treats & cat snacks Best sellers,best cat snacks tuna fish bites Natural soft delicious cat treats chicken Premium Great Reward cat treats Super Pure Freeze Dried Salmon Cat Treats Sandwich small bites natural cat snacks Cat snacks shrimp/prawn natural Popular cat snack wholesale cat treats 2017 Best healthy cat snacks for kitten Salmon snack without additive cat treat Good price wholesale service cat snacks 

Dog Food

Best dry food chicken treats for dog 4.5inch chicken rawhide dry dog food Quick and healthy dry dog snacks Fish skin pure natural dry dog food Pure Salmon dry dog food pet snacks 2017 most popular rabbitear dry dog food Codfish skin 2017 popular dry dog food FD SALMON STRIP DOG DRY FOOD Codfish skin jerky best sale dog food Soft chicken slice treats dog food Chicken biscuit yummy treats dog food Salmon skin dog soft food dog snacks Hard chicken slice for dry dog snacks Chicken meat training reward for dogs Healthy natural chicken breast jerky for dogs Dog food chicken,2017high quality new jerky Dried duck jerky without any additives Dried chicken wrap potato dog snack 100%natural New ingredients natual duck treats for dog High quality food grade Pet dog food 

Cat Food

Cat Snack Suppliers Air-dry Cat Treats New High Quality Salmon Dry Pet Food Top Sale Freeze Dry Tuna Cube Cats Feed Best Taste FD Tuna Cube For Cats Latest Pet's Favorite Chicken Wring Cat Food High in Protein Air-dried Cat Treat 

Dog Chew

Good Fun natural dog chewing Rawhide Chicken Chew Dog Favorite treat Hot sale Tuna Flavor Knotted Bone for Dogs Hard/Soft CHicken Jerkey/Chest/Slice for Dog Air-dried Soft Duck Chest/Jerky Dog Chews Air-Dried Chicken Rice Dumbell Dog Chews AD Chicken Cube With Carrot for Pets Chicken Wrap with Cowhells/Dental Stick Double Color Dental Twist Pet Chew for Dogs Training The Dogs Favor Yummy Chicken Jerky Air-Dried Chicken wrap OX Bone/Chicken Rawhide Lolly/Chicken Ring Banana/Salmon/Parsley Taste With Bone Dog Dental New Chicken Wrap Rawhide Dog Chews Dog Yummy Chews Chicken Sandwich Grain Rawhide with Chicken Dog Food for Training Rawhide Knotted Bone with Chicken for Dogs Chicken Wrap Biscuit /Beef Tendon Dog Chews New Dogs Dental Chew The Bone With Meat White Foamed Rod Wearing Crystal Chicken Breast 

Dog Treat

Healthy treats for your dog Best training treats natural for dogs Pure natural chicken jerky dog treat Salmon sushi soft delicious for dog cat Super Pure Chicken Jerky for dogs recipe Dried health Duck jerky strip for dog Training best seller dog treats Natural dog chew treats delicious Pet Food Dog treat Chicken Fillet Chicken wrap beef tendon dry dog snack Homestyle Soft Chicken Jerky for Pet Training Treats Air-dry Pet Meat Jerky Dog Food Factory Air-dry Cat Snack Manufacturers Air-dry Chicken Cube Chews Food Best Seller Yummy Chicken Cube Pet Treats Codfish Skin Snacks for Pets Best Quality Codfish Skin Stick FD Treats Chicken with Sweet Potato Dog Treats Bulk Chicken with Sweet Potato Pet Treat Chicken Dumbbell With Munchy Stick Pet Food Treats 

Cat Treats

Made OEM ODM Air-dry Cat Treats Soft Chicken/Salmon Cube Cat Treats Soft Sesame Vegetable Mixed With Chicken Cat Treats Cat Yummy Treats Chicken Wrap Sweet Biscuit Air-dried Soft Salmon Cube & Slice Cat Treats Air-dried Codfish Skin Stick Yummy Cat Treats High Quality Soft Cat Snacks/Chews for Your Cat Air-Dried Salmon Cube/Duck Sandwich Roll for Cats Air-Dried Chicken Soft Cube Fish Treats for Cats Freeze-Dried MiNi Chicken/Duck/Beef Cube for Cats Pure FD Chicken Breast Cat Treats Freeze-Dried Salmon with Spinach Fish Cube for Cats 


Fresh Freeze-Dried Fish Cube for Cats Eel In A High Protein Freeze Dry Fish Yummy Air Dried Cod Knotted Bone Treats Air-Dried Fish Skin Salmon Slice for Dogs OEM Dog Treats Freeze-dried Salmon Cube 


Air Dried Chicken Meat/Jerky Dog Treat Air-dried Pet Treats Soft Chicken Cube Irresistible No Additive Chicken Cube 


Air Dried Duck Meat Treat for Your Dogs Pet Treat-Air Dried Duck Meat/Duck Sandwich Roll Dried Duck Slice of Dog Treat Air dried Dog Training Treats Low Moisture Duck Tender Pet Food 


New Strawberry Freeze Dry Fruit No Additive Frozen Dry Vegetable Delicious Fruit Pet Treats Cat Treats-Freeze Treat/Freeze-Dried Carrot High Nutrition Pet Treats on Vitamin C Supplements. Dog's Favorite Fresh Freeze Dried Treats Freeze Dry Pet Food/Strawberry Snacks for Dogs Pure Fruit Freeze Dried Natural Blueberry Sweet Apple 1.5*1.5*1.5 Freeze Dry Fruit Cube Freeze Dried Vegetables Carrot / Pumpkin /Yam Digestible Dog Snacks/FD Apple for Dogs Clean Pet's Teeth Snacks/Digestible Treats for Cats 

Steamed Treats

Steamed Pet Treats Chicken Breast for Dogs Nutrition Fish Steamed Food 

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