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Regency Natural Cooking Twine Cotton 500ft

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Regency Natural Cooking Twine 1/2 Cone 100% Cotton 500ft

Product Features

Made of 100% cotton
Professional chef grade
16 ply
Contains approximately 500ft
Ok for oven use but keep away from flame
Product Description
Regency Natural Cooking twine is made of 100% 16ply cotton. It is the same twine used by professional chefs for trussing, forming meat, stuffing chicken breasts. It also has hundreds of uses in the home such as bundling books and newspapers, tying up shrubbery. Can be used to refill the beautiful banana wood cutter with recessed blade.

Top customer reviews
Great product. Was purchased for use other than cooking. I was looking to make a piece of wall art, and wanted some woven string with some body to it that would not stretch when pulled tightly. This worked perfectly. Even when winding around nail heads, the string did not abrade, and has remained tight in finished product. Great value, and still have half a spool left over for another project. Would recommend.
This is the perfect twine for trussing large pieces of meat for rotisserie grilling, especially chickens. And why do we truss chickens? Because we don’t truss lawyers.
I feel stupid raving about cooking twine, but it is good twine! I think the thickness is just about perfect. Thinner twine used to cut into my chicken during roasting and thicker would leave unsightly rope marks across the breasts and take off some skin. So far no problems with this at all. This keeps turkeys and large prime rib roasts in place, too. I also use it to tie up grape vines and it has held them in place even during some wicked storms. This is strong enough to suspend a large Halloween spider and makes a somewhat convincing spider web. This is an absolute bargain for what I paid (about $5) and I have spent more than that on less kitchen string before. I’m very tempted to buy another roll even though I won’t need it for quite a while.
Ever smoke a prime rib? Need to truss a big ole turkey? I watch too much food network and like to smoke meats. This is what you need to properly truss and wrangle your meat into a presentable package. You also have enough twine left over to make crafts, tie up children or your significant other. Great price, great product, all natural. Buy it.
Very thick good quality twine!
Bought first one years ago – has stand and cutter at top of stand. Really works well it you use twine a lot.. This was a refill. We cook on charcoal grill for most meats all year long ((have snow and cold winters here). Boneless pork loins I like to wrap all over with bacon strips. I tie the bacon on with the twine. Around the sides and end to end.. Put it on grill – twine turns black from heat of charcoal but has never burned through. In my opinion a nice beef tenderloin has a tendency to flatten on the grill. Put the twine around it a few times (sides) and it stays thick and juicey inside.

Would not do this with anything other than 100% cotton. The cutter on top the stand makes it easy to use – no knife or anything.
I plan to use it for roasts but can think of other uses too. Good quality heavy-duty twine and it unwinds easily. Great bargain compared to the twine that comes with a cutter. I’ve always used a scissor in the past with no problems. I store the twine in a zip-lock bag to keep it clean when not in use.
Nice soft twine. Slightly uneven twist.
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